Appraisal Fees and Pricing


Appraisal fee structure and appraisal form completion pricing can be just as complex and confusing as the appraisal process itself.


Professionals in the real estate and mortgage communities know that many factors must be considered before an accurate and fair appraisal fee quotation and/or fee structure can be established.


To name just a few, things like:


Property Location

House Size and Style

Lot Size or Land Acreage

Site Location

Additional Features

Type of Ownership

Overall Complexity

Uniqueness in the Community

Subdivision Amenities

Outbuilding or Other Structures


When Report will be Required


Form Type Required


Research Requirements


Specific Client/Lender Requirements


Typical fees for a Single-Family Residence can range

from under $300.00 upward to over a $1,000.00.


Fees can vary greatly depending on just a few of the factors outlined above.


 Rest assured that BENCHMARK has always been competitive throughout our coverage areas and will be happy to quote your appraisal need or if required provide a firm, established, appropriate and detailed appraisal fee schedule tailored to you for future use. We just need to understand what is needed, required and expected of us as your appraiser.


Contact us today to discuss your appraisal needs, requirements and client details. We establish a fee or schedule of fees together.


We can provide an immediate fee quote for pressing appraisal needs